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Prof. Dr. Peter Benner
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Announcement for the seminar (Posting)

The Top 10 algorithms

Guidance: Prof. P. Benner (Rh.41,614), Th. Günther (Rh.41,612)
Place:Room 2/B202
Time:Monday, 15:30-17:00
(After the preliminary discussion some dates are left out for preparation)

In 2000, the editors of the journal Computing in Science and Engineering selected the ten algorithms of utmost importance in Science and Technology. This algorithms will be presented and discussed in this seminar. Every participant will chose one of the subjects below. The task is to present the main features of the algorithm, its historical development as well as its fields of application. The algorithm should be demonstrated using a simple example. As an entry point the compendium papers of the CISE are linked.

18.10.2004preliminary discussion
08.11.2004 Matrix decompositionsJ. FanP. Benner
15.11.2004 The QR algorithm H. HansenP. Benner
22.11.2004 dies academicus - no seminar !
29.11.2004 A perspective to Quicksort A. Schenkel Th. Günther
06.12.2004 The (Dantzig) simplex methodS. SugiartoP. Benner
13.12.2004 Krylov subspace iteration N. Roshyara Th. Günther
03.01.2004 The fast fourier transform A. BöhmeTh. Günther
10.01.2005 The fast multipole algorithm J. RückertTh. Günther
17.01.2005 Integer relation detection M. Schenk P. Benner
24.01.2005 The metropolis algorithmn.A.Th. Günther
31.01.2005 The FORTRAN I compiler M. Karniychuk Th. Günther

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