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Computational Methods in Systems and Control Theory

Sel. Top. mod. Sci. Comp. (Seminar)

Selected Topics in Modern Scientific Computing Summer Term 2013

Dr. J. Saak, M. Köhler

supplementary seminar for the lecture Scientific Computing II
Altough the seminar is by conception a supplementary course for the lecture, it can still be passed successfully without participation in the lecture itself.

Criteria for getting a course assessment:


A list of short descriptions of all presentation topics together with the corresponding literature is available here..

General Information

Participants: Mathematics (Bachelor/Master/Diplom), Computer Science (Bachelor/Master/Diplom), IMPRS PhD students and comparable
Room: OvGU G05-307
Time: Wednesday 13:15 - 14:45


past events
10.07.13 Sebastian SchindlerProfiling & Debugging
03.07.13 Robert SchülerParallel Finite Elements
26.06.13 Maximilian BehrVector units on modern CPUs
19.06.13 Manuela HundGreenHPC: Environmentally Responsible Supercomputing
12.06.13 Carolin PenkeCache coherent Non-Uniform Memory Access (architecture/difficulties/tools)
05.06.13 Sascha KattelmannScientific Computing in Python II
Sandra Kutz
MATLAB II: The GPU computing toolbox
(canceled due to illness)
Björn BaranScientific Computing in Python I
15.05.13 Martin KöhlerMATLAB I: The parallel computing toolbox
08.05.13 Georg PauerSparse Matrices on GPUs II: The ICRS storage format
24.04.13 Hanno SainischSparse Matrices on GPUs I: The ELLR-T storage format
17.04.13 Ricardo LeeseGPU Computing: CUDA vs. OpenCL
10.04.13 Mirjam FriesenHierarchical matrices

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