Preprint No. MPIMD/15-09

Title: Frequency-Limited Balanced Truncation with Low-Rank Approximations

Author(s): Peter Benner, Patrick Kürschner, Jens Saak


Date: 2015-07-08


In this article we investigate model order reduction of large-scale systems using frequency-limited balanced truncation, which restricts the well known balanced truncation framework to prescribed frequency regions. The main emphasis is put on the efficient numerical realization of this model reduction approach. We discuss numerical methods to take care of the involved matrix-valued functions. The occurring large-scale Lyapunov equations are solved for low-rank approximations for which we also establish results regarding the eigenvalues of their solutions. These results, and also numerical experiments, will show that eigenvalues of the Lyapunov solutions in frequency-limited balanced truncation are often smaller than those in standard balanced truncation. Moreover, we show in further numerical examples that frequency-limited balanced truncation generates reduced order models which are significantly more accurate in the considered frequency region.


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