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My path to Paul Erdös:

  1. Anderson, J.M.; Erdös, Paul; Pinkus, Allan; Shisha, Oved

  2. The closed linear span of $\{x^k-c_k\}_1^{\infty}$.
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    Zentralblatt MATH review.
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  7. Benner, Peter; Faßbender, Heike; Watkins, David S.

  8. Two connections between the $SR$ and $HR$ eigenvalue algorithms.
    Linear Algebra Appl. 272, 17-32 (1998).
    Zentralblatt MATH review.
Or alternatively:
  1. Erdös, Paul; Fajtlowicz, Siemion; Hoffman, Alan J.

  2. Maximum degree in graphs of diameter 2.
    Networks 10, 87-90 (1980).
    Zentralblatt MATH review.
  3. Hoffman, Alan J.; Varga, Richard S.

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  7. Benner, Peter; Mehrmann, Volker; Xu, Hongguo

  8. A numerically stable, structure preserving method for computing the eigenvalues of real Hamiltonian or symplectic pencils.
    Numer. Math. 78, No.3, 329-358 (1998).
    Zentralblatt MATH review.
Peter Benner,