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MSc Tech. Math. Martin Hess

Vorträge auf Konferenzen und Workshops


Reduced Basis Modeling for Time-Harmonic Maxwell┬┤s Equations; SCEE 2012 ; Zurich; 12.09.2012

Fast Evaluation of Time-Harmonic Maxwell's Equations Using the RBM; Reduced Basis Summer School ; Freudenstadt; 30.08.2012

Reduced Basis Modeling for Parametrized Systems of Maxwell's Equations; SIAM Conference on Applied Linear Algebra ; Valencia; 18.06.2012

Reduced Basis Modeling for Time-Harmonic Maxwell's Equations; 83rd GAMM Annual Scientific Conference; Darmstadt; 28.03.2012


RBM for Maxwell's equations arising from electrical circuits; Reduced Basis Summer School; Ulm; 25.10.2011

Martin Hess,