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Research Group Computational Methods in Systems and Control Theory

CSC Seminar 2022

Prof. Dr. P. Benner, Dr. P. Goyal, Dr. I. Pontes Duff

research seminar of the research group Computational Methods in Systems and Control Theory

General Information

Participants: researchers and students of the research group Computational Methods in Systems and Control Theory
Room: MPI Magdeburg V0.05/2+3 and BBB
Time: Tuesday 14:00 -- 15:00


06.12.22 Alexander ZuyevIterative methods for solving periodic boundary value problems for nonlinear ODEs with switchings
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30.11.22 Stefan Klus (University of Surrey)Data-driven analysis of complex dynamical systems
29.11.22 Max JenkeA survey on computational methods for Lyapunov-plus-Positive equations
22.11.22 Leonidas GkimisisAdjacency-based non-intrusive reduced-order modeling for incompressible Navier Stokes and Fluid-Structure interactions
22.11.22 Jonas SchulzeDiagonally Addressed Matrices
01.11.22 Julia Kalosha (National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine)Asymptotic Stabilization of the Flexible Beam Oscillations
18.10.22 Matea UgricaDamping optimization of mechanical vibrating systems
04.10.22 Kathryn LundAdaptively restarted block Krylov subspace methods with lowsynchronization skeletons
27.09.22 Yevgeniia YevgenievaBlow-up boundary value problem for nonlinear parabolic equations and elliptic equations with nonstandard growth
16.09.22 Bernadett Stadler (Johannes Kepler University Linz)Real-time reconstruction in atmospheric tomography for Extremely Large Telescopes
28.06.22 Sergey Chuiko (Donbass State Pedagogical University)Linear Noetherian boundary value problem for a system of differential-algebraic and difference-algebraic equations
21.06.22 Venkat Chandrasekaran (Caltech)Latent-variable graphical modeling via convex optimization
24.05.22 Martin KohlerRecent advances in the solution of the unilateral quadratic matrix equation
17.05.22 Pawan GoyalLearning quadratic mbeddings for nonlinear dynamical systems using deep learning
16.05.22 10:00-11:00Christiane Görgen (Uni Leipzig) & Tabea Bacher (MPI MIS)Research data in mathematics, FAIRness, and the MaRDI consortium
19.04.22 Lihong FengFast predicting the transfer function in absence of system matrices using model reduction and machine learning
19.04.22 Tim MitchellConvergence rate analysis and improved iterations for numerical radius computation
12.04.22 Suleyman YildizA linearly implicit global energy preserving reduced-order model for cubic Hamiltonian systems
12.04.22 Vipin KumarExponentially synchronization of BAM neural networks with delay on arbitrary time domain
05.04.22 Art J.R. PellingChallenges in data-driven modelling of acoutical systems: A state-space perspective
22.03.22 Miguel Alfonso Mendez (VKI)A tutorial on multiscale proper orthogonal decomposition (mPOD)
15.03.22 Peter BennerThe Hamiltonian extended Krylov subspace method
15.03.22 Kirandeep KourTensor kernel approximation
08.03.22 Jens SaakModel order reduction for differential algebraic machine tool models with geometrically local non-linearities
25.01.22 Bartosz WasilewskiOn the asymptotic behavior of semigroups on some dense sets
11.01.22 Rakesh KumarStability and Synchronisation of Neural Networks using Impulsive Control

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Jens Saak, saak@mpi-magdeburg.mpg.de