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Model Reduction for Dynamical Systems SS2012

Prof. Dr. Peter Benner Office Hours: on appointment
Tobias Breiten Office Hours: on appointment

Schedule - Further Information - Contents - Certificates - References - Exercises - Lecture material


Lectures: Thursday, 01:00 pm - 03:00 pm (1. Lecture on 04/12/2012)     V0.05-2+3 (MPI)
Exercises: Tuesday, 11:00 am - 01:00 pm (1. Exercise on 04/24/2012)     V0.05-2+3 (MPI)

Further Information

  • Course description.
  • Important: Lecture instead of exercise session on April 17, 2012!
  • Important: no lecture/exericse session on June 19/21, 2012!


  • Basics of linear systems and control theory.
  • Model reduction methods for linear and nonlinear systems:
    • modal truncation (eigenvalue-based methods),
    • balanced truncation (SVD-based methods),
    • Padé approximation / rational interpolation (Krylov subspace based methods),
    • proper orthogonal decomposition (POD),
    • dimension reduction via central/inertial manifolds (slow/fast decomposition).
  • Applications of model reduction in computational science and engineering.
  • Model reduction for parametric systems.

Certificate for successful participation

Criteria for getting a certificate for successful participation:
  • Reasonable execution of at least 50% of the homework exercises.
  • Demonstration of at least two homework exercises in the tutorial class.
Further information on exams will be given in the lecture.



Lecture material

Tobias Breiten, breiten@mpi-magdeburg.mpg.de